On Saturday, Inter Milan canceled a pre-match news conference following an “offensive letter” about the manager, Antonio Conte printed in an Italian newspaper, Corriere Dello Sport.

The “offensive letter” submitted by a reader was accompanied by a comment from one of the paper’s journalists “justifying its aggression.”

The Serie A club, therefore, said, “In order to send a message to all media outlets that they must guarantee respect for people, there won’t be a press conference today.”

In the letter, a Bologna fan said that he “enjoyed seeing the great Inter outclassed by Barcelona B” who had shown Inter’s “worn-out” coach how to play football.

The fan added that although Conte has won a lot of games in his career, he has “never shown a good game.” Despite spending more than 150 million euros, Inter could not beat Slavia Prague and lost to Dortmund in the Champions League.

On Tuesday, Inter Milan was eliminated from the Champions League. The club lost 2-1 to a young Barcelona team. Inter Milan finished third in their group behind the Spanish giants and Borussia Dortmund.

A journalist also added a comment to the letter. He said, “Inter has thrown away the Champions League and maybe the rest too” by loaning striker Mauro Icardi to French side Paris St-Germain.

“No Icardi, No Party.” The journalist added.

Earlier this month, Roma along with AC Milan announced they would not work with Corriere Dello Sport until January in response to the paper using the headline “Black Friday” accompanied by images of Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling.

Corriere Dello Sport defended the “innocent” headline in a comment piece on its website. He said it was a way to celebrate diversity.

This Sunday, Inter Milan will play Fiorentina.