Antonio Rudiger says about his racial abuse. That he will not “shut my mouth” and he felt himself like an animal, like a “monkey” at Tottenham Stadium.

Police: there was no evidence of racial abuse…

German international Antonio Rüdiger said that he felt like a “monkey” and insisted that he would not “shut my mouth.”Despite the closure of the investigation of the alleged racism case, which affected the German international in Tottenham. The 27-year-old Chelsea center-back claims to has been racistly chanted during its side’s victory in the Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on December 22. Initially notifying his captain Cesar Azpilicueta of alleged chants. The referee Anthony Taylor then called for an announcement on the stadium’s public address system to warn fans of offensive songs. Both the Interlocutor and the metropolitan police investigated the match, although, in January. They announced that “there was no evidence to support the allegation of racial violence.”

We support Rudiger – said Tottenhams side

Tottenham’s statement read: “The club and the metropolitan police have exhausted all the possibilities of the investigation after the incident against Chelsea occurred on December 22 in our house.”We conducted extensive reviews of images and video surveillance frames, working with professional lip readers. All materials and reports have now reviewed by the police, which held its investigation.”Today, the police notified us that, having examined and investigated, they closed the crime report because they cannot find evidence to support the allegation of racial abuse.”We fully support the actions of Antonio Rudiger that he took. Still, there is no evidence, confirming or contradicting this statement, and as such, neither we nor the police can take any further action.

Antonio feels himself like a liar

“We are arrogantly proud of our anti-racist work and our zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. It is one of the reasons we attribute so much time and resources to investigating this issue.”If we would identify someone who is guilty of this, we would intend to issue them a lifelong ban from our stadium, since they would not have a place among our proud, diverse fan base. If any new information appears, it will thoroughly investigate.”And the former Roma defender has now expressed his concern about being portrayed as a liar, insisting that he feels like an “animal.”

Harry Kane apologised to him

He told reporters: “I ask myself:” How is it possible that none of the 60 thousand people at this stadium understood anything about this? “So I’m accused there like a liar. I have a feeling that I have to shut my mouth. But I have a message: I will not do this.”I felt like not a man but an animal — a monkey. He thinks, if you have not experienced such situations, then you can’t imagine how I felt. I felt incredibly lonely against Tottenham.”Rudiger also said that Tottenham striker Harry Kane apologized to him after the game and that he was grateful for the gesture from the captain of England.

“I told Kane:” It is not your fault, you should not apologize. “But he wanted to do it as a sign that his club does not think so. Commenting on the frequent cases of racism that spoil society as a whole, Rudiger added: “The news shocks me. I can’t understand that racism still exists today.”