Fabio Capello has spoken about Inter Milan and Serie A. For the 74-year-old specialist, Nerazzurri is a Scudetto favorite.

Legendary Italian coach Fabio Capello has named him the main favorite of the current season of the Italian Championship. In his opinion, Inter has the best chance because it does not play in European tournaments.

According to Capello, Conte has no reason to strengthen his squad.

“I said at the beginning of the season that Inter are the favorites and I can still confirm my words.

Conte has no reason to ask the management to strengthen the squad during the current transfer window, especially after the team was relegated from the European Championships. Any coach would be happy to lead this squad and its proper management will be crucial.

“In my opinion, 5 teams will fight to get in the top four – Inter, Milan, Juventus, Atalanta and Roma,” said Capello.

Recall that Inter played unsuccessfully in the group stage of the Champions League and took 4th place. “Nerazzurri” are 3 points behind the leader Milan in Serie A and has gained only points in the last two games. Milan will face Juventus in the next round on January 17.