Argentina won a very important match in Bolivia. In Messi’s career, Argentina could never win an official match there. Fortunately to Lionel, his teammates could score goals yesterday and make history.

Lionel Messi’s impact on Argentina.

Barcelona’s N10 has a big impact on the Argentinian team. The squad believes that if Messi is in a good mood then the whole team can work properly. Scenario could be the same with Barcelona but Koeman knew that and decided to change the approach to the dressing room. In Argentina, Messi still has the biggest impact. 

Scaloni started with a very attacking line-up. Lionel Messi was playing from the right side while Ocampos was helping the team from the left side. Lautaro Martinez was the only striker who was standing as the center-forward. 

In the first half, Bolivia could take a lead. Historically, when Bolivia takes the lead, Argentina can’t win the away match. The fans were waiting for the same outcome but it was not a good day for Bolivians. In just a few minutes Argentinian players could tie the match. Lautaro Martinez scored the game-tying goal in the last minute of the first half. 

Historic win in Bolivia

Lionel Messi has never won a match in Bolivia. Generally, big teams can’t win matches in Bolivia because of the geographic situation. The altitude in Bolivia is roughly 5,100 meters above sea level, so footballers can’t play under the pressure. It’s a big pressure on the mind and ears when playing above 5100 meters of sea level. That’s why Bolivian players (who are used to playing under the pressure) get a better chance for winning. Argentinian players did everything to change the outcome and score a winning goal. After an assist from Lautaro Martinez, Correa scored a winning goal. Lionel Messi was excited after the match and he could not believe his eyes. He posted on social media that the team is proud of achievement.