You may have already known that Arsenal have achieved their latest three victories in a row in just seven days. As a result, they managed to impress a lot all the football fans. Noteworthy that their latest win against Everton was amazing. Everton, on the other hand, had not played for the last 15 days.

In that match, Mikel Arteta’s troops were able to win 3-2 thanks to Bernd Leno’s brilliant game and Aubameyang’s brace.

For now, after the sequence of all those three impressive wins, Arsenal have moved up to the 9th position in the PL standings and also have increased their unbeaten run to ten consecutive matches in 2020.

Now Arteta’s team are showing some clear signs of improvement. That was proved by their 4-0 win against Olympiacos and another incredible victory against unbeaten Everton in their latest five matches.

This team is outstanding, and they proved it in their clash against Chelsea last month. In that game, Arteta’s men fought back twice and managed to claim a 2-2 draw with only ten players.

SO, an awful season that Arsenal started several months ago has just transformed into a shocking performance. Since December’s arrival, the team have regained their confidence and now make fans feel like everything is just getting started now.

A few words about Aubameyang


For now, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has already scored 17 goals in this season. Two of his scores Aubameyang netted in that 3-2 win against Everton.

He continues leading even though he has to play out of his position. Noteworthy, that not only his goals are impressive, but his work rate is also significant.

First of all, he managed to impress Mikel Arteta, who believes that Aubameyang will probably stay in the team as he is playing an essential role in Arsenal’s uplift.