Dana and Justin are back in action. In a new episode of “The Goal Post” they will preview the games of the 30th Round of Premier League.



Leicester V Manchester City

Leicester is the third team in the Premier League. Team is trying to do their best and get the second position. Manchester United has one point more than Leicester. It will be interesting to see how Pep Guardiola’s team will play against Leicester. Keep in mind that Leicester is playing bravely against every giant of the Premier League. They have positive results when it comes to games against MU, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham. Manchester City is in first position and Pep Guardiola is not yet convinced in Premier League title. Spanish coach said that theoretically MU and Leicester still have chances to win the Premier League this season, so nothing is finished yet. Manchester City has 71 points and there are 9 rounds left. Pep Guardiola said that the squad knows that nothing is finished, so they will play against Leicester as a final game. Keep in mind that Maddison is back in action and he can play against Manchester City. 


Arsenal V Liverpool

What could happen in this game? Liverpool has big games ahead. Liverpool will face Real Madrid in three days and everyone is thinking about it. ¼ finals of Champions League final is very important for Liverpool. At the same time, Liverpool needs to be included in the top 4 of the Premier League to get a chance of playing in the Champions League next season. Klopp’s season is tough because of injuries. Team has only 46 points and is not in the top position. Klopp’s team needs 5 more points to get along with Chelsea’s position. At the same time, Jose’s team is doing better than Klopp in the table. Playing against the North London club will be tough for Klopp but the team needs three points! 

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