Arsenal find it very difficult to score goals and set anti-records. In the meeting with Leeds, Nicolas Pepe received a red card. Arteta criticizes Pepe and talks about the problems in the attack.

London Arsenal held another goalless match against Leeds (0: 0). Arsenal have conceded just nine goals since the first nine rounds this season, and this is the club’s worst record since the 1986-87 season. What’s worse is that the Londoners can hardly score goals from the game – in 800 minutes, Arsenal have not scored a goal from the game.

The lack of goals, naturally, is reflected in the points as well. Arsenal have just 9 points, and this is the worst rate in the last 25 years. This is very strange considering that the best Arsenal players play right in the front line. The Londoners have Aubameyang, Lacazette and Willian in attack. For his part, Arteta, as a Guardiola disciple, was first brought in to correct the game in attack.

Meeting Leeds was a continuation of the trend. Bielsa’s team knocked on the opponent’s goal more than 20 times, and Arsenal only saved the post three times. After the match, Arteta blamed Nicolas Pepe for a bad game, who hit his opponent in the head and left his team with ten men.

Mikel Arteta: “I never like a draw, but in this situation, it’s a good result. Nicolas Pepe, what he did, is unacceptable. It cannot be done at this level. Playing with ten men means a big advantage for the opponent. The problem is that we cannot score. “Winning is impossible. We need to create more moments.”

Arteta and team captain Hector Bellerin also mentioned that there was a big deal in the dressing room after the game, though they did not comment in detail on the matter.

Bellerin: “Such news remains in the dressing room. Everyone has a lot of adrenaline after the game.”