Arsene Wenger has spoken about Liverpool. “No matter what happens, Liverpool are champions for everyone.”

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has spoken of Liverpool’s situation. “Jurgen Klopp has done an excellent job, Liverpool have been waiting for this title for 30 years. Imagine they have a huge advantage over Manchester City … 25 points. This is a giant difference.

No matter what decision is made, Liverpool are the champion for everyone, “said the French specialist.


Dissatisfaction is growing in England.


Brighton’s managing director, Paul Barber, expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership of the League of timid steps. He could not understand why it is necessary to hold matches in neutral stadiums when other countries make much bolder decisions.

“If Germany is taking this step, why can’t we do the same?” We have the best stadiums in the world in England. The clubs are very strong. And so far, we have not had any problems in managing the Premier League. Against this background, it is unclear what prevents us from completing the season as we did at the beginning.

I think the idea of ​​playing in neutral stadiums does not appeal to any club. Violation of sports principles will not be good news. ”


The Premier League categorically warns the insurgents.


The Premier League does not see an alternative to holding the remaining matches of the season on a neutral pitch. So, on Monday, May 11, voting on this option may turn out to be crucial.

According to Sky Sports, for this idea to materialize, at least 14 teams in the Premier League must vote for it. However, the six teams at the bottom of the tournament table have categorically rejected the idea of holding the remaining matches on a neutral pitch.

“Brighton,” “West Ham,” “Watford,” “Bournemouth,” “Aston Villa” and “Norwich” believe that without the support of their own walls, the chances of their stay in the top division will be significantly reduced.

In order to avoid an uprising, the leadership of the Premier League threatens that the next season will start in such a format (unattended and on the neutral pitch). In this case, the teams that are currently against playing on the neutral field will be considered as opponents of the championship and will not be allowed to play in the matches.