It is never too difficult for large teams to disassemble their small counterparts, but giant managers often do not have enough time to correct mistakes.

Chelsea have earned 17 points in their last 13 Premier League games. Tottenham have scored 11 points in the last nine months. Arsenal have won one out of seven under Mikel Arteta.

Apparently, all three of them are at the height of a new manager and are not in a hurry. Dissatisfied rumors are growing, albeit still silently and at various levels.

Spurs fans have never been excited with Jose Maurinho, while Chelsea fans are wondering when a more consistent plan will appear under Frank Lampard. Arsenal supporters are optimistic, but for the time being they were expecting better results.

It was a particularly bizarre season throughout the Premier League. No third-and-eighth team has scored more than nine points in their last six games.


Top PL Clubs complaining about the endless coach changes


It can be said that only five clubs have a good season – Liverpool, Leicester City, Sheffield United, Wolves, and Crystal Palace.

But fans of Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal are complaining about the endless coach changes. Short seasons are the plague for modern football and even for all those giant managers. The extraordinary income from the Premier League and the Champions League, which is then invested immediately in player salaries and transfer fees, creates a financial imperative to stay in the competition.

Entering a new manager is a vital component of a long-term project, and 18-month management cycles are taken as a necessary way to get players on their feet – keep pushing forward and scattering with lucrative competitions.

When the decision-making is based on fear, it is much more difficult to maintain long-term composition and all the bites of the road leading to it.

No wonder people are already questioning Lampard’s viability beyond this season and Mourinho’s suitability for Tottenham,

This cycle has to be broken because the growing financial chaos in football did not create short-term, but it fundamentally changed the tactical dynamics of the sport. Premier League football is now clearly territorial.