Barcelona’s 33-year-old midfielder Arturo Vidal says he feels very good at the current club and is sure that he will be able to play football at a high level again in the next three or four seasons.

Vidal said a few months ago that he would leave “Blaugrana” when he no longer feels he is an important member of the team, and it seems that he still thinks the same today.

FOOTBALL-ITALIA publishes the player’s statement. As you know, the head of Inter, Antonio Conte, wants to add a player, but Vidal is still in the Catalan Grandee.

“I am confident in my abilities. The current season is not over yet, and the most important matches are ahead. Barcelona? I feel good here. I think I will be able to play high-level football again in the next three or four seasons.

I’ll repeat and say that I will leave the club when I am convinced that I am no longer needed, and I will not be important to the team. I love playing football, and I have to enjoy it.

I have an excellent relationship with Conte. We worked at Juventus for years and won the Scudetto together. So, he knows I am fighting for victory and can always count on me.

I can’t always think about the transfer. It is impossible to determine in advance. But fans at Camp Nou and in the streets of Barcelona make me feel great,” said Arturo Vidal.

Recall that Vidal joined Barça in 2018 for 18 million. His contract expires on June 30, 2021. Transfermarkt currently estimates the player at 11 million.