The Spanish midfielder, Asensio, got the injury in July against Arsenal. It was a friendly match, but Asensio could finish the game. He got the injury and could not help Real Madrid in the first half of the season. The Spanish midfielder is already returned in action, but he is training without the ball.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

The medical team of Real Madrid believed that Asensio would be able to play next season. Fortunately, to Los Blancos fans, Asensio has powerful health. He is ready to jog even now. Real Madrid’s attacking midfielder uploaded a few videos and images on social networks. The photos and videos show that Asensio has impressive improvement when it comes to jogging and playing with a ball.

As of now, Asensio is not ready for a team playing or even training with teammates. The medical team gave him an easy task on the field – light jogging for a few minutes. Overall, he is doing main indoor activities, and jogging is his only outdoor activity. Real Madrid fans are very pleased with his progress. Marca’s experts believe that Asensio will be able to play for Los Blancos from the middle of spring.

Update on Eden Hazard’s injury

Belgian player got the injury against PSG. It’s been 50 days since the match against PSG and Real Madrid could win the Supercopa of Spain without Eden. Belgian player is already training with a personal coach on the field. He is touching the ball, and the Medical team believes that Eden can play from the end of January.

Zidane said that he wants a fully recovered Hazard. That’s why experts believe that Eden won’t play in January. Eden will be ready for February matches. As you know, Real Madrid has a Champions League match in February and El Clasico on 1st March. French coach wants to have Hazard ready for Champions League match against Manchester City.