On Sunday, in LaLiga we saw a beautifully performed match between two teams Athletic Bilbao and Celta Vigo. The outsider team Celta draws at Bilbao stadium.

Outsiders are collecting the points

We saw an exciting match between two Spanish clubs Athletic Bilbao and Celta Vigo. Garitano’s team is in 8th place, and Garcia’s on 18th in the LaLiga standings. Clubs finished their game with the draw and played an exciting match with an unexpected end.


Formation and starting lineups


Both teams started their game with impressive formations. Home club Athletic Bilbao played with four defenders, four midfielders and two forwards: 4-2-3-1. The guest team with four defenders, four midfielders, and two forwards: 4-3-3. From the clubs are missing these players, Bilbao: Aduriz, Ganea, Larrazabal, Simon, and de Marcos, with the reason for injuries and illness. From the Celta: Junca, Mallo, and Villar, all of them have injured. These standard formations and missing players were quietly enough for Bilbao not to win at home against Celta.



Yeray Alvarez wasted a chance to score


1st half started, and Celta Vigo Kicked the game off. In the first half, Athletic had a lot of moments to score the goal. Inigo Martinez displayed good awareness near the penalty spot to get on the end of a cross from the free-kick. But he stared his header narrowly over the crossbar. Yeray Alvarez missed the chance to score. He pinged a fine header from deep inside the box towards the net, but his aim was off, and it flew narrowly wide of the right post. The referee showed four yellow cards in the first half, three to the Bilbao team, and one to Celta. Lot of chances for goal wasted for Athletic.



Raul Garcia’s penalty rescued Athletic Bilbao


2nd half was the most exciting part of this game. Garitano’s team had few chances to beat the goal. But on 56th minute of the match, Rafinha gets a shot away from the edge of the box and scored into the bottom right corner. Iago Aspas provided an assist for the goal. After the 20 minutes,  on 76th-minute Francisco Beltran from the Celta, appeared to handle the ball in the box, and the referee awards the penalty. Raul Garcia won the battle of wills and sent an unstoppable penalty past Ruben Blanco into the bottom left corner. Celta Vigo made all three substitutions, and Bilbao only two. The referee finished the match on the 96th minute.