La Liga is on a break. Christmas break is on time for the players who have a very tight schedule. Who can win the La Liga this season? This is the main question.

Diego Simeone is not joking anymore

Atletico Madrid is in the first position of the La Liga. Team also has two more games and after playing those matches in a perfect way, they can go up with 6 points. Getting 6 points ahead is a big advantage for the team. In the latest interview Diego said that Atletico is working very hard and they want to win the title this season. Keep in mind that Atletico Madrid lost the only game against Real Madrid. In the Madrid derby, Zidane’s club played better and scored two goals. In other matches, Atletico has shown true potential. The last game against Real Sociedad was an example that Atletico is playing ‘championship’ football. 

Real Madrid players can’t give up

In the latest interview with Marca, Zidane said that season is very long. The french coach added that Real Madrid players turned things around in December. AS you may know, Real Madrid has 0 wins in La Liga in November. It was the worst period of the club but Zidane changed the situation. Currently the team is in the second position and main contender for the championship. Keep in mind that Hazard is back and Zidane is very positive.