El Clasico fans may watch out as Atletico Madrid is getting ahead. Atleti is playing better and they have shown the true face of Simeone.

A big win against Cadiz

Atletico Madrid won another match in a row against Cadiz. Team scored four goals and they conceded none. Cadiz is the team that won the away match in Madrid against Los Blancos. It was a deserved win from Cadiz as they dominated Madrid’s side and they have not even conceded a goal from Los Blancos. 

Atletico Madrid is getting better in every match. First of all, they had two draws in a row and fans thought that it’s the end for Simeone. Then Atleti lost the away match against Bayern Munich and it was a tough game for Madrid. After that game, Atletico Madrid found their best form. Main reason? Jaoo Felix and Luis Sueraz are playing well and they know each other better now.

Who can win La Liga? Atleti, Barca por Los Blancos?

What could happen in La Liga? We still don’t know. Real Madrid won the away match against Barcelona while scoring three goals. After the match, Los Blancos fans were happy and Twitter exploded with the posts about Real Madrid’s ‘new’ trophy. It seems that Barca and Real Madrid fans are busy with fighting each other while Atletico Madrid is sneaking into the La Liga table.

Diego Simeone’s team is now the third team in La Liga. Keep in mind that the team has only played 7 matches. Two matches less than the leader of the table – Real Sociedad. Atletico Madrid played only 7 matches and won five of them. Keep in mind that the team has not lost any matches, unlike Real Madrid or Barcelona. Los Blancos played 8 matches and the team has 16 points, one point away from Atletico Madrid. Barcelona lost two matches already from seven which is the worst start of the season for this team. Atletico Madrid has better chances now to win La Liga rather than Barca or Los Blancos.