Atletico Madrid will host Chelsea on Tuesday night. It will be a clash for the next round of CL.


Koke talked with the Uefa’s representatives

Atletico Madrid’s main midfield talked with the media of Uefa. He said that CL is back and they are happy to play in this tournament. The midfielder admitted that CL is getting every year and it’s visible on the result. At the same time, Koke admitted that the game against Chelsea is a must-win. He noted that both teams have some advanced level skills, so it will be an interesting game.

Koke said that playing in Bucharest is not something that Atletico wanted to do. Unfortunately, Atletico Madrid has to play against Chelsea in Bucharest. This is happening because Spain’s government has made many restrictions. Spanish government decided to restrict people from entering the country. That’s why Atletico Madrid can’t play at home-stadium in Madrid. Koke is not satisfied with the decision but respects it. He noted that the game in Bucharest will be a ‘must-win’. The Atletico Madrid midfielder said that he has different memories with Bucharest. He won the first trophy with Atletico in Bucharest, so this city has a different meaning.


Playing against Chelsea

Atletico Madrid midfielder said that Chelsea is a well-known team. Midfield admitted that CHelsea is doing really well in the last few matches. Koke said that Chelsea has a new coach and they are pressing very high. At the same time, Atletico Madrid is ready for a clash against any team. Atletico struggled in the group stage of the Champions League. Although, the team could save points in the end and qualify for the play-offs. Koke said that the story is different in the current moment. Team is ready to face anyone in the Champions League tie. Koke said that Atletico has a chance to win many trophies this season.