Dana is back with another episode of ‘off the pitch’. This time, Dana will talk about the transfer rumors and gossip.

Ronaldo’s transfers situation in MU

Chervolet, car giant company, wants to sign Ronaldo for Manchester United. As you may know, Chevrolet is the main shirt sponsor of Manchester United. In this situation, Manchester is not playing well. Team even lost the game against Leipzig and could not qualify for the next round of Champions League. Chevrolet is looking for the money to sign Ronaldo. As the experts believe, Chervolet is inspired by the increased number of revenue of Jeep after Ronaldo’s signed a deal with Juventus. Jeep is the main sponsor of Juventus’ shirt. Keep in mind that Ronaldo signed a contract with Juve in 2018 and instantly the price of shares of Jeep and Juve increased. Currently, the group that owns Jeep company also owns Fiat, Chrysler and Ferrari. Chevrolet wants the same success and they will try to raise enough money for Ronaldo’s come-back at Old Trafford. Ronaldo wants to extend with Juventus but Chevrolet could change everything.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s agent takes dig at Mikel Arteta

Aubameyang is not happy with the decisions of Mike Arteta. As you may know, Arsenal lost the match against Tottenham. Jose’s team dominated Arsenal fully and scored two goals in that match. After the game, Aubameyang’s agent could not hold back. Mikel Arteta was pleased with his team at the end of the match. In front of the journalists, Arteta said that the team created many chances. As mentioned above, Aubameyang’s agent could not hold back and published statistics of Arsenal in this season. As it seems, Arsenal has only ten goals and it’s 17th result in PL. Arsenal created only 65 chances this season and it’s the worst result in the Premier League. Auba’s agent wrote the following sentence “if you create chances”. It was a ‘story’ on Auba’s agent’s Instagram and everyone went crazy over it. Experts believe that after this Instagram story, Arteta may not give more chances to the striker.

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