The Gabonese, Aubameyang criticized CAF after he and his Gabon teammates slept in Gambia airport ahead of Afcon qualifiers, something that made him feel like a “hostage”.

Patrice Neveu’s men, the Panthers, were scheduled to play West African country on Bakau on Monday hence arrived at the Banjul international airport on Sunday night.

Upon arrival, the Gabon team were delayed at the airport with reports indicating their passports were seized despite providing their coronavirus results to the immigration officers for checks.

The situation forced some of the Panthers players to sleep on the floor and as a result, Aubameyang has boldly criticized the Confederation of Africa (CAF) after being made to feel like a “hostage”.

On his Instagram story, Aubameyang detailed the frustrating wait in the early hours of Monday. The Arsenal captain went ahead and posted photographs and videos of his team-mates lounging around having had their passports seized.

As hours passed, photos began to show the majority of the squad players attempting to sleep on the floor at the airport utilizing their luggage as pillows.

Having arrived at 23:30 local time, Aubameyang began to show his frustrations after three hours wait. The captain thereafter posted a video at 02:31 accompanied by a caption, “still waiting to enter the Gambia and we play at 4 pm. Nice”.

After wards, a follow-up showed the team listening to music and joking with Aubameyang adding that “they will not discourage us”.

Just before the 0600 hours, the team was allowed into the country with 10 hours remaining before the scheduled kick-off.

“Finally in the bus. See you later. Thanks for the extra motivation, Gambia”. Aubameyang wrote again.

While there was a light-hearted aura to Aubameyang’s post, altogether, he hit a much serious note as a response message on Twitter.

“This will not demotivate us. But people need to know and especially that CAF takes these responsibilities. In 2020, we want Africa to grow and this is not how we’re going to get there”. Aubameyang’s message in Twitter read.

Despite the airport frustrations, the Panthers are on course to return to the Africa Cup of Nations in 2022 after failing to qualify for the 2019 edition in Egypt.