After a match against Brugge, Mbappe sent a clear message to Tuchel. “I wanted to show how hard it’s to score without me,” said Kylian Mbappe.

Lousy relationship between Tuchel and French youngster

As it seems, Tuchel and Mbappe relationship never taken off from the ground. Mbappe joined PSG from Monaco just 15 months ago, and since then, players and coaches have a very neutral relationship. We can’t call it neutral fully as Mbappe is not happy with the current situation.

Kylian Mbappe was injured for September. He could return in mid-October and tried his best to get in top form. As it seems, injuries can’t stop Mbappe as he scored hat-trick right in the first match after injury.

PSG was leading only with one goal against Brugge in Belgium. Kylian Mbappe joined the field players from the second half, and the youngster scored three goals in 20 minutes period. After the match, Kylian was happy, and he has sent a clear message to Tuchel that we want to have more attention from the coach.

Mbappe is not Tuchel’s favorite player

German coach mentioned many times that PSG’s key player is Neymar. Once Tuchek noted that he is working on a strategy that revolves around Neymar and his potential. As it seems, Tuchel is very keen on with Neymar, while Mbappe is getting angry month by month.

Last season, Mbappe was late for a training session before the match against Marseille. PSG was stringent to the youngster, so the player had to pay a lot because of financial fine. German coach chose a neutral position and did not take Mbappe’s side. As it seems, that was the threshold that Tuchel did not step over, and Mbappe was very disappointed in the coach. In summer, Tuchel mentioned that he had to step up and defend players from such criticism and financial fines from club officials.

Real Madrid has a chance for Mbappe in 2020

Florentino Peres could sign Kylian in 2018 and 2019. Both times, parties could not agree on financial terms, so Kylian stayed with PSG

As we see, Tuchel and Mbappe have a lousy relationship. Real Madrid’s president still has a chance to sign youngster attackers. Mbappe will be available for Real Madrid in the summer of 2020. According to MARCA, Kylian and Pogba are first in the list of Real Madrid’s targets in 2020. Both players can change the direction of Zidane’s plans and play beautiful football. Real Madrid needs a decisive player who can score many goals. After Ronaldo’s departure, Los Blancos players create chances, but they fail in the final phase.