Spanish newspaper Sierra wrote that Gareth Bale already played his last match for Real Madrid. According to Sierra journalists, Welshman is on his way to China.

What could happen with Gareth Bale?

Extraordinary things are going around Gareth Bale. Welshman got hit during the international break. He was playing a match against Croatia in Wales and was able to finish the game. Gigs were not happy with his fitness condition because of injury. As it seems, Gareth Bale got injured against Croatia. One thing is sure – Real Madrid has not issued any official statement about Bale’s injury progress.

Spanish journalists believe that Real Madrid wants to sell Welshman. Gareth has not had a good relationship with Zidane, so the dressing room of the team could be on nerves.

Rumors about the transfer in China

Back in the summer of 2019, Zidane said that he wanted to sell Gareth Bale. Before one press-conference, Zidane admitted that he would be happy about Bale’s departure and a good future. After that interview, Gareth’s agent criticized Zidane and Real Madrid officials. Bale’s agent believes that Welshman did everything for Los Blancos, and he does not get much credit for his part performance.

Sierra journalists believe that Gareth Bale will join the Chinese Super League in the next few days. After the international break, the Welsh player has not played any matches for Real Madrid. Zidane avoids questions about Gareth as he does not want to focus on players who can’t help the team.

Gareth wants to leave in January. He could not exit from contract in summer and believe in Zidane’s words, but in January, he will be the first to leave Real Madrid. Rumors say that Bale is disappointed in Zidane, although he did everything to impress Frenchman.

Real Madrid is interested in Kylian Mbappe, Gareth can leave

Real Madrid’s president could not ask Bale to go in summer. Los Blancos had not enough money for big transfers in summer, but Peres will have enough funds in summer 2020. Mbappe and Pogba would be the primary target for Real Madrid officials so that Bale can leave now. As it seems, Florentino Peres is already interested in Mbappe, so Bale is not their primary target. According to rumors, Gareth feels alone, so that Welshman will leave in January.