According to Italian media, Brescia terminated the contract of Mario Balotelli and fired him from the team.

Time passes, Mario Balotelli does not change. According to La Repubblica, the president of “Brescia” Massimo Cellino expelled the main former forward of the Italian national team from the club.

As it is known, the reason for expelling “Super Mario” became indiscipline. Mario has broken the team’s rules several times in recent times. He has already missed ten exercises in a row, which the leaders did not forgive him. So, the player became a free agent.

The Italian media is waiting for the official confirmation of the information in the near future.

It must be said that Mario had already decided to leave the club. Recall, Balotelli has a Galatasaray option. The Turkish club leaders have already contacted Mino Raiola and agreed on the transfer details.

It is possible to see Mario in a Vasco and Gama T-shirt. The Brazilians are announcing an unusual and mega transfer. But the player will make the decision by the himself.

Mario Balotelli played 19 games for “Brescia” and scored five goals.


“I didn’t know I was a ghost”


Mario Balotelli, comments on the information that the club will terminate his contract due to missed training.

“How can you say I don’t train? At all my workouts, journalists come with their cameras. I come to two training sessions a day, and I’m here almost every day. How can you deny that? I didn’t know I was a ghost, and the cameras couldn’t see me.” – Football Italia quotes Balotelli.