Dana and Justin are back with another episode of the “Goal Post”. Today the hosts are previewing the upcoming matches.


Manchester United VS Tottenham 

The London team is going to play in Manchester. Another headline stealer from the Premier League. IT’s just the fourth round and both teams have a very important match ahead. Tottenham already played three matches in the current PL and they have only 4 points. After losing in the first round, Jose’s team could get four more points. At the same time, fans are not happy with Manchester’s performance. MU lost the first match in the Premier League and now they are ready to get a win. In the second match, MU won the away match against Brighton. 

Manchester United players are fully ready for the upcoming clash. At the same time, Tottenham has injured players. For instance, striker Son has a thigh injury and can’t help the team. Gareth Bale who joined Tottenham two weeks ago, he could not train yet as he has an injury. In the last five years, Tottenham won only one away match against Manchester United. 

Leeds United VS Manchester City

After losing a match against Leicester at home stadium, fans are awaiting for a perfect match. Leeds is very good at the Premier League as they returned from the lower tier division. After winning the Championship division, Leeds is scoring a lot of goals. Fans are not happy with current defenders of Manchester City, so Pep’s team may concede more goals from Leeds.

Leeds United lost only one match in three rounds. They lost the first match against Liverpool and it was an away match. Don’t forget that they lost the game in a very big clash – they have scored even three goals at Anfield. Manchester City has only 2 matches played and already conceded six goals. Leeds has conceded seven goals but it’s in three rounds.

It will be a very interesting match as Pep has to create a good atmosphere again. Fans are waiting for dominative match and let’s see what can happen.

Leicester City VS West Ham

After a big win against Manchester City, all the eyes are on Leicester. It was an unexpected performance against Manchester City. A big win in a away match against the two-times Champion – Pep Guardiola. Spanish coach was very angry after the match but also congratulated on a big win to Leicester players and team management. 

After that win, Leicester has a very big chance to go on top of the Premier League. Fans believe that scoring five goals against City during the away match could boost the confidence of Leicester players. Fans are waiting for another miracle championship of Leicester.

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