The Spanish edition of Don Balon, which for some reason has always been the first to “know” the behind-the-scenes secrets of “Barcelona,” announced that a serious conversation had taken place between Leo Messi and Josep Maria Bartomeu in the last 24 hours.

According to the source, along with several issues, the psychological condition of the Barca players was discussed during the conversation.

It seems that some of the players of Blaugrana have a severe fear. So, they are not going to play at all before the introduction of the vaccine against coronavirus.

According to Don Balon, the team also includes those who want to renew the matches as soon as possible. So the opinion is divided into two.

One way or another, it will take many more months to develop the vaccine. So if this panic continues in the ranks of Blaugrana, it will naturally be necessary to find another solution.


How will “Barcelona” be punished if they are not announced in the matches of La Liga


AS reported a few days ago that in case of renewal of the season, “Barcelona” is against the game once every three days. The Catalan club fears that such a schedule will create problems for the health of the players.

The president of the Primera Division, Javier Tebas, has a plan in such a situation:

“It is in our interest to update the season under normal conditions. If we return, the club, which has not announced the matches, will receive a disciplinary record from the federation and La Liga. They will lose three points and eventually go home.

The choice of one club will affect the others, and it is wrong to make such decisions individually, “Sport quoted the president as saying.

The La Liga season was suspended in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Spanish clubs have 11 rounds left to play. From here, “Barcelona” will have to hold five matches at “Camp Nou.”