UEFA have discussed the Champions League and Europa League matches and fined clubs for various violations.

It is about the violations that took place during the Champions League and Europa League playoffs. The UEFA official website has confirmed that five European Cup clubs have been fined.


Barcelona opens the list: Barca were fined 15,000 euros. The reason is the late start of the match against Napoli (1: 1).

Bayern Munich were fined 40,000 euros. Their fans staged provocative banners during a match against Chelsea, and they fought.

Liverpool, Atletico, and Tottenham could not escape the penalty.

Atletico Madrid fans have blocked the entrance to the stadium in Madrid. Accordingly, Atletico have been fined € 24,000, while Liverpool fans have used pyrotechnics, which cost the club € 3,250.

Tottenham Hotspur were fined € 30,000 for the late start of the match against Leipzig. UEFA said the game could not start on time because of Jose Mourinho, so the Portuguese specialist received a note from UEFA.

The most significant penalty in the Europa League was against Ajax: Amsterdam club were penalized in two matches, both with Getafe. The reason for this is also the fans who were throwing different things at the match—total fine: 64 250 Euro.


UEFA holds another video conference with the Federations


Today, April 1, UEFA holds another video conference. The secretaries of the UEFA 55 member association are invited to the conference and discuss the options offered by the UEFA working groups on the possible postponement of matches. The situation concerning club championship matches is also discussed.

The first video conference between UEFA and member federations was held on March 17.