Josep María Bartomeu is set to meet directly with both Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué in an effort to offer an explanation behind the latest scandal to rock the club.

Bartomeu denied that club hired media contractor to discredit team players

The president of Barcelona FC Josep Maria Bartomeu denied the club hiring a social media contractor to discredit people like Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, and Pep Guardiola. An independent social media company has signed a contract with Barca. To enhance the public profile of the current board of directors. The reports also said that the company tasked with undermining those with strong ties to the club. Including the current stars Messi and Pique, former head coach Guardiola and legendary midfielder Xavi. Following a decisive refutation on Monday, Bartomeu, admitting that Barca hired I3 Ventures. The company in question confirmed the club’s position.

We terminated relations with I3 Venture

“I want to clarify, for the members of Barcelona, and everyone, because I heard different versions,” said Bartomeu at the 14th Vazquez Montalban International Journalism Awards. “First, I have to say that Barcelona did not hire any service to discredit anyone. Neither the players nor the leaders, the ex-presidents. This is completely false.” So we will defend ourselves where necessary, on this topic. By all means, and before everyone who accuses us of this. I repeat, it is false that Barcelona, ​​in any case, hired someone to discredit people.” However, with I3 Ventures associated with one of the accounts indicated in the reports – Respeto y Deporte (Respect and Sport) – Bartomeu confirmed that the Cules had terminated relations with the contractor.”

“True, at the end of 2017, Barcelona hired a service to monitor different areas of the club on social networks. As most clubs do.”After confirming that one of the accounts associated with one of the suppliers of this company made inappropriate comments about people, associated with our organization, I personally instructed to terminate the contract with this company. As for the question: “Did we order someone to follow social networks?”, The answer is yes, and we will do it anyway. “This club must know what is happening and what they say around the world, always keep Barcelona.” “Did we give orders to discredit people or institutions through social networks?”, The answer is no, and we will prosecute everyone who blames us for this.”