In the interview with La Sexta, Messi said that Barcelona is having a very bad time. The Argentinian player was very hornets during the interview.

Rough time for Barcelona

Messi was very honest. He said that Barcelona is in a very bad situation in both – sporting and financial wise. Mesis said that he will do everything to help new management to recover the club. If even leaving the club means a lot for the team financially, he will go for it. Mesis said that he is not happy with some of the fans who are not happy with the players statement. 

Messi’s opinion on angry fans

Journalists of La Sexta said that there are many angry fans. He noted that fans demand extension of contract from Messi. Lionel recalled a few comments from the fans who were saying that Barca give everything to the player. Messi said that those comments hurt his feelings because he gave back to Barca fans a lot. The Argentinean believes that he earned everything himself and gave Barca more than the team was expecting from. Messi said that no one can doubt his love for Barcelona. At the same time, the player said that little things changed in the dressing room, so he thinks a lot about leaving the club. 

The dressing is different. Messi said that everything is very difficult now for him, especially the culture in the dressing room. Messi said that there are many new faces and he can’t get used to them easily. Lionel can’t communicate with others easily, so the old dressing room was very common for him as he played with Suarez and others.