As you may know, Barcelona has to play El Clasico next week. Unfortunately to Blaugrana fans, the team lost a match against Getafe yesterday night.

Preparations for the match

Koeman changed the starting line-up. He could not touch Lionel Messi, so the Argentinian player started from the very first minute. Keep in mind that Lionel played two matches for Argentina. Messi’s team won both matches, especially the second one against Bolivia was impressive. Leo had only two days for a rest and he was ready yesterday. Unfortunately he could not make a huge impact on Barca’s attack. 

Getafe was fully ready for a clash and it was visible. Koeman rotated the line-up and gave a chance to Dembele. Keep in mind that French player was injured for a few months already, so it was his first match in a long time. Along with Dembele, Griezmann was playing in the attacking line.

Boring first half and penalty for Getafe

First half was boring for the fans. Barcelona could not make any impact while Getafe could not work properly on the counter attacks. Fans were waiting for a better second half and they were right. 

As the second half started, Getafe decided to attack and score. It was the first moment, when Barca’s defenders played badly. De Jong committed a foul and Garido could not enter the box. The referee pointed to the penalty spot. Getafe took the advantage of it and scored the goal.

After conceding a goal, Koeman changed the line-up with five new players. None of the players could make an impact on the result. Barca has zero shots on target in the second half. For the Barca fans, it is embarrassing watching a team without shots on the goal. Barcelona lost the first match in La Liga this season and has only 7 points in four matches.