As you know, today and yesterday, the players of “Barcelona” came to the base of the team. Of course, the social networks were full of their photos after that.

The players also underwent a coronavirus test, and, fortunately, none of them were found to have Covid-19. Thus, there is no danger. That is why it has been officially confirmed that the team resume training from tomorrow.

For safety reasons, players will resume training in three different training grounds. Also, they will not enter the dressing room after its completion.


La Liga has supported five changes.


As you may know, The Football Association of the Kingdom of Spain (RFEF) has launched an initiative to enable teams in domestic leagues to make five changes to reduce the risk of player injuries.

According to the official website of the federation, La Liga also supported the initiative. Thus, the above initiative should be considered by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which is concerned with the regulation of football rules.


The start and end times of La Liga are known.


According to the head coach of “Leganies,” Javier Aguirre, the schedule of the remaining part of the current season of La Liga has been officially confirmed.

As it turns out, the Spanish championship will resume on June 20 and end on July 26. There will be 2 rounds per week.

“We already know the date of the championship update: June 20. And in 5 weeks, July 26, it will be officially over. The games will be held on weekends and Wednesdays and Thursdays. – Marca quotes Aguirre as saying.

If Aguirre’s words are right, it means that the European tournaments will not start until the end of the Spanish championship, because if 2 rounds are held in La Liga every week, the window for European tournaments will not remain.