Blaugrana do not want to renew the season against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic.While this is a huge financial loss for Tebas.

According to, 6 La Liga teams support the initiative of Barcelona of Catalonia. The source does not disclose the identities of the teams based on their interests.

It should be noted that Javier Tebas plans to hold meetings under the auspices of the 2019-2020 season in the near future.

He believes that in case of disruption of the season, the loss will be 900 million euros. In the case of renewal, fans will not be allowed in the stadium until 2021. But in this case, the loss will not exceed 350 million.


“They will not be able to control everything.”


“Health is at the forefront of everything, and we can’t put the health of our players at risk because of the game. ”

The club’s main board opposes the resumption of official games until the matches are held in a risky environment. Their main demand is not only to hold the games behind closed doors. But also to protect the players of the first team from each other.

In their opinion, it is easy to follow the protocol during training. But they will not be able to control everything during the official games.

Directly at Barça’s training bases and playgrounds, it is possible to comply with various sanitary norms. But no one can guarantee that they will be as safe as possible from Coronavirus when traveling, taking a shower, and interacting with people outside the stadium.

Besides, several clubs have refused to allow players to undergo coronavirus tests. That could be another reason for the postponement of the disease.