Visiting stadium de Balaidos is always very emotional for Barcelona. Since 2015, Barcelona has not won the match at that stadium. In those five years, Celta knew how to play and win against Barcelona.

Pre-match preparations

Roland is doing impressive work. After the first win in La Liga, fans loved the fact that Messi shows the emotions and desire to win. In the first match against Villareal, Messi was dribbling, running and showing true emotions. It means that Messi was pressing a lot, even coming back to help the defense. After the first win, fans of Barca trended Koeman’s work on Twitter with different hashtags.

Koeman has not changed much after the first match. He decided to start with Ansu Fati again in Vigo. Roland Koeman needed a second win and he decided to start with a perfect attacking line. Messi, Coutinho and Griezmann were playing from deep and helping Ansu to score the goal.

1st half of the match

Ansu Fati scored the easy goal in the first half. As it seems, Koeman wants Barca players to play a little bit high and press a lot. When the Celta players had the ball, Barca’s players were running a lot and pressing every inch of the stadium. This strategy worked and Barcelona took the lead. Thanks to perfect goal-scoring skills of Ansu, Barca scored an easy goal. After scoring the goal, Celta took the ball and created few real chances. During those sharp attacks, one of the Barca’s players got a second yellow card. French defender, Lenglet was sent off due to unsportsmanlike play. Messi, Pique and the whole team appealed the decision but the referee has not changed his mind.

2nd half of the match

In the second half, Barcelona started attacking right away. Koeman is a very experienced coach and with 10 players, he wanted to take a fast two-goal lead and play the rest of the match in peace. In the 51st minute, Barcelona went for an attack. Lionel Messi got the ball from deep and dribbled through two players. When Messi shot the ball, the defender blocked it but the goalkeeper could not save it. Defender of Celta, Ollaza scored an own goal. Celta tried to score goals from counter-attacks but they could not make a seriou impact on the match. On the very last second of the match, Barca went for a fast attack and Sergi Roberto scored the third goal of the day.