Although Barcelona got easy three points against Juventus, the team still can’t win in La Liga. It’s been the last four matches and Barcelona took only two points. 

Pre-match preparations

After a big loss against Real Madrid, Barca fans thought it was an end. On Monday, Bartlomeu, president of the club decided to leave the job. Fans were happy and thought that Messi and teammates could change the course of the season. Barcelona had a perfect performance on Wednesday and won the match in Italy. What happened on Saturday night? While everyone old Barca was back, they could not get a win.

1st half of the match

Ronald Koeman started the match with a very attacking line. Antoine Griezmann played as the main striker. Lionel Messi was playing from behind Antoine. Dembele was on the right wing and Fati was on the left wing. Barcelona was playing well in the first half but they could not convert the shots. At the same time, Alaves could score the goal in the first 45 minutes. Rioja took the ball and scored a beautiful goal. Alaves won the first half 1-0;

2nd half of the match

Right away in the second half, Koeman substituted three players. Trincao, Pjanic and Pedri started the match in the second half. Barca’s attacks became more aggressive. Trincao and Messi were very good at the last point but they could not score the goal. In the 62nd minute, the referee decided to give a red card to the player of Alaves. Jota was sent off because of roughing. In just a minute after the red card, Antoine Griezmann scored the equalizer. It was a fine goal and Barca’s players decided to attack more. Unfortunately to Barca’s fans, the team could not score more goals.