President of Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu has responded to the 70% salary cut for Catalan club players and spoke about Lionel Messi.

“Messi said on the first day that his salary should be reduced. The captains voiced the offer. The gesture reiterated their commitment to the club. The talks between me and CEO Oscar Grau were conducted. The players were not put in an unfair situation,” Bartomeu told in an interview with

The players of the Catalan club, along with the salary reduction, will also help the club with a certain amount of money so as not to reduce the salary of the Barcelona staff.

By the way, because of the quarantine, Barcelona loses money not only from tickets and broadcasts. The club’s flagship stores are no longer sold. Neither is the revenue from the Barcelona Museum and the various events that have been held at Camp Nou so far.


The game is over for Bartomeu


Leo Messi has taken it upon himself to take a second major step against the current management of the club. In his statement, referring to a 70% reduction in players’ salaries, the Argentine said the club’s management was putting the players under extra pressure.

14 of his teammates supported the captain. They shared this statement on social media.

Marca journalist Carmen Torres reports that Barca players have long lost trust in club officials. Therefore, they are  trying to stay away from them.

At the same time, the local media spread false reports that the players refused to cut their salaries by 70%.

In Leo Messi’s statement, we read: “We wanted to cut salaries because we realize how special this case is. We were all surprised when the club decided to test us and put us under pressure to do what we were always prepared to do.”