Police of Catalonia arrested Josep Bartomeu. He is the former president of Barcelona and this fact will create a bad image of Barca in the media.


What’s wrong the Josep Bartomeu

Firstly, we should say a little about Barcagate. It’s the name of investigation started by the police and prosecutors of Catalonia. Barcagate is all about investigating the illegal stuff made by the president of Barcelona and other members of the board. 

Everything started with the written letter from a hidden group. They asked Catalonia’s police to start an investigation about the finances of Barcelona. In the letter, the hidden group asked police to investigate the financial and image harm that Bartomeu is giving to Barcelona. In just a few weeks, Barcelona’s newspaper wrote everything about the case. Press representatives wrote that Bartomeu was connected with the social media campaigns that were harming Barcelona’s face. Keep in mind that Bartomeu wanted to harm everyone who was against his candidate in the club. Later, we found that social media campaigns against Lionel Messi and Pique were funded from the campaigns of Barca’s president. 


Paying 1 Million Euros per year

Barcelona was paying 1 Million Euros per year for harmful social media campaigns. As you may know, Barca’s board of management has to approve every transaction over 200 000 Euros. So, Bartomeu was paying a company to run social media campaigns with few transactions that were under 200 000. Josep’s transactions were not interesting for a board of management because those documents were under 200 000. Police are also investigating the action of Bartomeu as a president of Barcelona. From a standpoint of commercial law, he was not acting in a good faith of Barcelona. He abolished many written or unwritten commercial law points including the president’s fiduciary duties. If a judge says that Bartomeu breached fiduciary duties, Barca (as a company) can sue him and ask for all the money back Bartomeu has spent on harmful social media campaigns.