The 8th round of Bundesliga was exciting. Bayern could not win away match against Augsburg; meanwhile, Dortmund is close to leadership. None of the teams could win away match in the 8th round.

Augsburg 2-2 Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich fans were waiting for an easy match against Augsburg. Yes, it was an away match, but the club is struggling in the relegation zone with 6 points. Bayern could not keep the one goal leader till the end of the game and conceded a goal on 91st minute.

Augsburg players fired up the stadium from the start. Richter scored a header as he got cross from the right-wing. Bayern players kept playing with different levels of pressure. It took 13 minutes Kovac’s boy to score the tying goal.

Robert Lewandowski is still unstoppable in Europe. Poland striker scored in every match as the season started. Lewandowski has a chance to become the first player who scored goals in the first nine rounds of the Bundesliga. Robert has to score a goal in the next match against Union Berlin at the Allianz Arena. Bayern scored an early goal in the second half but could keep the leading score-line till the end of the game. Augsburg scored a game-tying goal on 91st minute.

Dortmund 1-0 Monchengladbach

Jaden Sancho was unable to help the team against Bundesliga leader Monchengladbach. Favre started the match with two forwards – Reus and Brandt. At the same time, the Dortmund coach had to do some experiments. For example, defender Hakimi was playing as a right-winger.

We have to say that experiments were positive, and Favre’s team could win an important match. Marco Reus could score goals after Hazard assist, and the team could keep lead till the end. Monchengladbach players had many big chances by the end of the match, but they could not score a goal.

Leipzig 1-1 Wolfsburg

After eight rounds, there is only a team without any loss – Wolfsburg. The first half of the match was very dull, as the team could not create many scoring chances. Leipzig scored an early goal in the second half. Werner did some magic in the penalty area of Wolfsburg and scored a goal in the 54th minute. Wolfsburg’s goalkeeper, Pervan, was helpless as it was impossible to deny the shot.

After the goal, Wolfsburg players increased the pressure, and they could score the late game-tying goal. Weghorst could score a goal on 82nd minute, and the game ended with 1:1;


After eight rounds, Monchengladbach is still the leader of Bundesliga despite the loss. Wolfsburg is the second team in Germany with the same points as Monchengladbach. Bayern is in the third position with 15 points, and Dortmund has the same points as Munich.