Robert Lewandowski is back in action. He could make a big impact on the game but unfortunately to the fans, Bayern Munich lost the game.

Hans Flick’s interesting strategy

As you may know, German coach lost touch with the management of the team. He announced that leaving Bayern Munich in summer will be a good decision. Management of the team was not happy by Flick’s early announcement but they could not do anything about it. Keep in mind that rumors connect Hans Flick with the coaching position of German national team. Flick decided to start with Robert Lewandowski in the starting line-up. Coman was on the left-wing and Sane was attacking from the right-side. Thomas Muller was playing in the middle and he was connecting dots between attacking line and midfield. First of the game was truly devastating for the club as the players could not make a big impact on the result.


Everything finished in the first half

Mainz started the game with a very strong mind. The team was very positive before the clash and they promised to the fans that winning in the game would be the only option. The coach of the team said that they would not give a chance to get championship points in Mainz. Mainz’s coach was totally right because the team players did everything in the first half. Burkardt opened the score-line in the third minute of the game. Mainz did everything to increase the lead. In just 30 minutes, the host team scored a second goal. Quaison scored a second goal for the team and gave a two-goals lead to Mainz. Bayern Munich tried to change a situation in the second half but they could score only one goal. Lewandowski scored a goal in the last minute of the game and it was all leader of the Bundesliga leader could do.