Bayern Munich had a chance to catch up with the leader of the Bundesliga. Unfortunately, Bayern fans, Lewandowski and the team could not score more than one goal.

Pre-match preparations

Flick had problems with the starting line-up. Lucas Hernandez and Sule have injuries and can’t help the team. Bayern will be playing without those defenders for one more month.

Monchengladbach had four points lead before this round. Match against Bayern was a big moment for a little club like Monchengladbach. That’s exactly what the coach said and wanted to show everyone that small teams can win championship too.

1st half of the match

We saw a dominant first half from Bayern Munich. Record Meister of Germany could score a minimum of three-four goals in the first half. Unfortunately to Bayern, players could not convert moments into the goals.

Monchengladbach had only one shot on target while Bayern Munich shot four times. All of those shots were very horrifying for the leader of the Bundesliga. Luckily, the team could keep the score the same till the end of the first half.

2nd half of the match

Bayern started to match two counter-attacks. On the 49th minute, the defense of Monchengladbach could not resist and concede goals.

Perisic was first to open the score. Croatian player scored a goal on 49th minute and gave a lead to Bayern Munich. After the goal, everyone thought that Bayern would take a minimum of one point from the stadium.

Everything changed from 62nd minute. Bensebaini scored the game-tying goal. After the goal, Monchengladbach decided to attack more but could not score goals until the last minute of the match.

Bensebaini became the man of the match because he scored a penalty on last-second the game. On 91st minute, Javi Martinez got a second yellow card for tripping in the penalty area of Bayern. Javi got the second yellow, so he left the field, but it was not crucial for Bayern. All eyes were on Bensebaini and Neuer’s duel.

Bensebaini scored the goal in 93rd minute and gave three points to the club. As of now, Monchengladbach is the leader of the Bundesliga with 31 points. The leader has 7 points gap to Bayern Munich.