In less than a month, Bayern Munich won the treble. Winning the Champions League was one of the biggest achievements for Bayern this season. Yes, the team won treble but there is no room for the rest. Right now, Bayern has to grind and work again, prove that they deserved the treble. 

Bayern Munich V Schalke – Team News

Leroy Sane may have a debut against his former team. As you may know, Leroy Sane was playing for Schalke before joining Manchester City. Pep Guardiola got a huge interest in Leroy back in Bundesliga. Spanish coach was very interested in the youngster and he could achieve the contract with the player while coaching Manchester City. It’s believed that Leroy will have a debut against Schalke at the Allianz Arena and it’s sad that Bayenr’s fans won’t be able to witness it from the stadium. As you may know, the Bundesliga won’t be able to feature fans at the stadium yet. Just like the Premier League, Bundesliga officials may decide to feature fans with the covid passport but it may take them a few weeks to approve new rules.

Thiago Alcantara won’t be able to play for Bayern anymore. He left the team and officially joined Liverpool. He will get the medical process soon and start training with current champions of the Premier League. Bayern wanted spanish player to stay in Munich for one more season but Thiago rejected the bid.

Potential Line-ups

Experts believe that Sane will be in the starting line-up against Schalke. He will be playing on the right wing while Gnabry will get a spot on the left wing. Serge Gnabry deserved the right wing as he was the main showman in a successful Champions League run. Flick wants Muller to play from deep and stay right behind the Robert Lewandowski. Kimmich and Goretkza will get a deserved starting line-up spot too.

Pre-match statistics

Bayern’s striker, Lewandowski scored four goals from 34 against Schalke last season. That’s why experts are waiting for Robert’s goal tonight. Serdar was the top goalscorer of Schalke, so Bayern’s defense has to be afraid of this player.