Hans Flick’s team won another game in the Bundesliga. After a big game against Leipzig, Bayern won another against Wolfsburg.

First half madness from Musiala

It was visible that Bayern Munich could not attack well. Team played against PSG on Tuesday and physically it’s impossible to recover fully for Saturday’s game. Hans Flick knows the limits of each player, so he focused more on Musiala. That’s why the player did everything to help Bayern Munich in the three points task. 

Robert Lewandowski is injured, so he could not help the team. Hans Flick has to focus more on different formations of the team. Musiala was playing the left wing – it’s the position of Gnabry. As you may know, German attacker was injured and he could not help the team against PSG. He was absent from both games and that’s why the left attacking line was not so active against Parisians. So, in this case Hans Flick trusted Musiala and the young player’s performance was on another level.


Performance of Musiala

Young attacker opened the score-line at the start of the match. After a pass from Davies, he scored a very beautiful goal. It was clear that Musiala wanted to score more and his teammates were passing him more. In just a few minutes Bayern Munich increased the lead after a goal from Moting. Musiala was so active in the first half that he scored another goal. At the end of the second half, Musiala scored his second goal and first brace for Bayern Munich. Experts believe that it could be life-changing moments for young attackers. Keep in mind that Hans Flick puts big trust in young attackers. He trusted Gnabry and it worked well in the end. Gnabry became the main person in last season’s Champions League success. The same could happen with Musiala – he is very active on the left-wing and can score goals.