Tuesday’s performance against Tottenham was exceptional from Bayern players. Kovac was happy after the match and talked about the chance of winning the Champions League. The coach said that players should stay humble after an exceptional game in North London. Kovac also mentioned the tremendous will of Bayern players to win Champions League along with Bundes Liga.

In Germany, everyone is talking about Bayern’s revenge. Experts believe that Bayern has all the reasons to win the Champions League this season. Let’s dive deep and find the advantages of Bayern in this season.

Demolishing finalist of Champions League

Tottenham played the final of the Champions League last season. Mauricio’s team played against Liverpool, but they lost the main match of the season. Bayern’s performance at Tottenham’s stadium was just exceptional. The way Bayern’s attacking line played was terrific. We saw the real power of the Bayern Munich attack, and it’s scary.

It needs absolute power to score seven goals against the team that played in the Champions League final. Don’t forget that Bayern played at Tottenham’s stadium, in front of 60 000 English fans.

Robert Lewandowski is just unstoppable

The main pillar of Bayern’s success could be Poland striker. Robert scores a goal in every official match in this season. Can you imagine how hard it is to score in every game? It’s been nine matches since August, and Robert scored in every one of them. Robert has 14 goals scored this season, and no one can stop his scoring 

In six games of Bundes Liga, Lewandowski scored ten goals. Robert had two matches in the Champions League and scored three goals.

Currently, Robert Lewandowski is indeed the best number 9 in Europe. If Poland striker sticks with this stat, then he can be a real help for Bayern.

Wingers that can change the results of the match

A few years ago, Bayern was famous because of extra-class wingers. Robben on the right side and Ribery or the left side – that was a nightmare for every European club. Both players left Bayern last season, but the club did not hold back. Kovac’s team has new superstars – Coman and Gnabry. Coman is the fastest winger you can ever see on the left side. The right-wing of attack is also in safe hands – Gnabry is about to create an unforgettable history in Bayern Munich. The player scored four goals against Tottenham in just 45 minutes and helped the team to demolish opponents from London.