After a midweek Champions League match, Bayern had only three days to prepare for FC Koln. Kovac could not give players a rest day as it would be impossible to train intensively.

Poland forward can’t stop scoring in Bundesliga. Robert scored nine goals in five matches of the domestic league and has a chance to become the second top scorer of Bayern in the next few months. Robert scored twice today but had an opportunity for the hat trick. Keep in mind that Lewandowski could score from a penalty kick, but he let Coutinho score first goal for Bayern. Brazilian midfielder needed a goal to get more comfortable in Germany.

1st half of the match

Robert Lewandowski scored the first goal in the third minute. Kimmich passed through few defenders and crossed the ball in the penalty area of FC Koln where Robert was waiting for his chance. Bayern had only one shot on goal in the first half. After Lewandowski goal on 3rd minute, Bayern could not do anything more exciting.

2nd half of the match

Once again, Robert scored an early goal in the second half. On the third minute of the second half, Kimmich passed the ball through few Koln defenders and Lewandowski scored the second goal. As you can see, Kimmich got two assists, and both went to Lewandowski.

On 62nd minute, Referee saw a fault in the penalty area of FC Koln and pointed to the penalty spot. We were waiting for Robert’s hat trick but forward amazed everyone with his gesture. Lewandowski gave the ball to Coutinho and asked to shoot the ball. We heard loud applause towards Lewandowski. Brazilian midfielder used this chance successfully and opened his scoring sheet for Bayern.

Coutinho started playing with more passion and pressure. Soon after the goal, he got another assist of the season. Perisic scored a goal after Coutinho’s assist.

Perfect form of Lewandowski

Robert scored nine goals in the Bundesliga this season, and he can’t stop it. We should mention forward’s the crazy conversion rate. Robert has up to 5 shots on target every match while scoring a minimum one goal. It’s a perfect stat for Lewandowski in the last few years, and fans believe that he can outscore everyone in Europe.

Coutinho and Muller can share the pitch

As you know, Muller and Coutinho are playing in the same position. Kovac thinks that Coutinho is ultimately the first choice, and Muller can play in rotation. Bayern will play long season including Bundesliga, Champions League, and Domestic cup so that both players can have enough minutes.