Recently, it has been widely reported that Bayern Munich are not going to keep Philippe Coutinho. However, it seems the club has changed their mind.

As you may know, Coutinho’s contract expires at the end of June. Though, Bayern want to keep the Brazilian until August.

Bayern Munich will do their best to keep Barcelona player Philippe Coutinho until the end of the season. According to the Catalan edition, Mundo Deportivo, if Coutinho’s recovery process goes according to plan, he will be able to return to the field by mid-June. He will have the opportunity to help Bayern in the final rounds of the Bundesliga.

Also, the Brazilian’s hope for Bayern will be in the final of the German Cup. If, of course, the Munich team will overcome the semi-final stage and will be able to use the player in the same time the Champions League, which is scheduled for August.

It should be noted that Philippe Coutinho is on loan from Barcelona to Bayern Munich until the end of June. But the German club wants to extend the player’s loan until the end of August. But it is still unknown if the Catalan club will agree to the offer.

Recall that the 27-year-old player underwent surgery due to an injury. He also underwent an operation on his right ankle on April 24.

In the current Bundesliga draw, which resumed on May 16 after a pause caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Brazilian midfielder made 22 appearances, scoring eight goals and making six assists.