Bayern Munich has a new seven number. Serge Gnabry took the number of Frank Ribery. This number is very important for the Recordmeister.

Bayern winger Serge Gnabry is well aware of the level of players his surname should be associated with. This is because the 25-year-old striker has changed his number in the Munich Grand and will play with seven from now on.

“I am very happy to play with a 7-number T-shirt. The last big seven in Bayern was Frank Ribery, who fascinated the fans. It’s impossible not to like Ribery’s game. “Getting his number is a special motivation for me,” Gnabry said.

Ribery himself responded to the topic of the new seven in Bayern: “You deserve this number! Good luck and give me a chance to be proud! ” – The Frenchman wrote on Twitter.

In general, number 7 in Bayern is of great importance. The record holder also had many legendary sevens before Ribery – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (1975-1978), Stefan Reuter (1990-1991), Christian Nerlinger (1993-1994), Alexander Zickler (1994-1995), Dietmar Hamann (1994-1996) and Meh Sholi (1992-2007).

Interestingly, in 1986-87, current coach Hans Flick was also seventh in Bayern.