After the lost 1/4 final match against Lyon, Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva addressed the Liverpool fans on the social network.

“To all the Liverpool fans who have nothing to do but attack the Manchester City players’ accounts, I’m sorry for you. This is nonsense. Go, celebrate your titles, or find a partner, have a beer with a friend, open a book … “There are a lot of solutions,” the Portuguese footballer wrote on the social network.

It seems that after the defeat with “Lyon,” “Liverpool” fans started trolling the players of “City,” which Bernardo could not stand.


De Bruyne evaluated the match.


After the crash with Lyon, Manchester City player Kevin de Bruyne made a comment.

“Another year and the same story. The first half was good. The second half we also played very well. We equalized, and we had several chances as well. Then it was 1: 2, 1: 3 … This team is excellent, but we made a lot of mistakes.

In the second half, we put pressure on the opponent. We were more offensive. At 2: 1, we had a chance to score, it should have been 2: 2, but it became 1: 3 and the game was over. “Lyon did not really have many moments,” he said.

Recall, Lyon will meet Bayern in the semifinals, which defeated Barcelona 8: 2.