Barcelona and Real Madrid are having a bad season. Quite poor, so I don’t think any they will win the UEFA Champions League.

Problems in Real Madrid after Ronaldo

Real Madrid still calculates the cost of leaving Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus, says Bernd Schuster. While Los Blancos is believed to be “missing No.9 for two years.” The five-time winner of Ballon d ‘Or said goodbye to Santiago Bernabeu in the summer of 2018. Ronaldo decided to lower the curtain to a record high in the Spanish capital. As a new challenge accepted in Italy. Replacing all the great times was never easy for Real Madrid, and they found it challenging to fill in some significant boots. Such as Gareth Bale and Eden Hazard fought for form and fitness. With Karim Benzema often leaving the burden of providing attacking inspiration himself.

This is Lazy season

Schuster admits that Madrid pays for not finding a suitable cover for Ronaldo, while common standards are allowed to plunge. The former midfielder of Blancos and Barcelona feels that they have to endure such issues at Camp Nou. As the Blaugrana are scratched for consistency, and the two heavyweights of La Liga are expected to crash and burn down in Europe. Bernd told reporters: “In general, we are witnessing a lazy season, abysmal, and I don’t think that we will see the Spanish winner in the Champions League.”We did not believe in Bayern recently, and now you see that they have become again perfect.

A draw could be a fine answer

“The problem with Real Madrid is that they’ve been missing No.9 for two years since Cristiano left.”Zinedine Zidane has been defeated by Manchester City with a score of 2-1 in their last 16. In their previous outing when the ex-boss of Barca Pep Guardiola returned to pursue them once again – along with a reported target by Raheem Sterling. Schuster added: “Sterling has returned from injury, but he is a player who may be tormented with you.”Next to Real Madrid in Clasico clash with Barcelona on Sunday. But Schuster does not expect fireworks from either side in this competition.

Bernd added: “I want to see this game, but we are also in the stage of the season where a draw could be a fine answer, and I do not like it.” Both teams have problems, and it will be fascinating to see who is more animated, although playing at home has a slight advantage. Real will be on home ground this weekend, with Blancos striving to bridge the two-point gap that separates them from Barcelona and return to the top of the League standings.