UEFA’s partner company has developed a 3-year plan, which seems the best solution. As you know, due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus, football tournaments have stopped all over Europe (except Belarus).

UEFA’s priority is to complete the national championships. But already the Netherlands, France, and Gibraltar have officially refused to do so. FIFA does not share UEFA’s intentions either.

In short, Alexander Cheferin and the company are not allowed to carry out their plan, which means first a financial crisis in the UEFA member countries, and then the financial difficulties in UEFA itself.

FIFA Vice President Victor Montagliani offers European countries to move to the American side, where the calendar year coincides with the football season. Recently, UEFA’s Dutch sports business company Hypercube came up with an interesting proposal. That offers such changes to UEFA that it is possible to save all the tournaments, including the already canceled Dutch and French championships.


If UEFA agrees, the “normal” calendar will return after three years.


The Scottish Sun claims that UEFA intends to share the Hypercube initiative. The proposal considers the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the Qatar World Cup, to be held in the winter of 2022. If UEFA agrees to the Dutchman’s proposal, the “normal” calendar will return to European football only after three years.

  1. UEFA will instruct European leagues to start next season by the winter of 2020. The season in Europe will begin in December. So, it will last until the beginning of November 2021 – with a one-month break for Euro 2020 in the summer.
  2. It will continue like this until 2023 (three seasons), which will start in January (instead of December) and will continue until July. So, the season of 2023/24 will begin at the “normal” time – towards the end of August.
  3. Hypercube’s idea allows UEFA to end the season peacefully, even in countries where governments have banned sports activities until August. Because the new season will only begin in December.

“This is the best option for all sporting events to end. The season will be held as usual everywhere. It’s just that the calendar will be different. Now UEFA is going to update everything for September, the new season, the League of Nations, the Euro playoffs.