Dortmund won a crucial match. In a derby, every minute is important and exciting. It’s Dortmund’s biggest win in the Royal Derby since 1964.

Interesting formation from Terzic

The new coach of Dortmund knows that he has very few matches left. As you may know, Marco Rose will be the new coach of Dortmund. He will coach the team from next season. Terzic knows that he has minimal time in Dortmund, so he has to prove that authoritativeness. 

Erling Haaland was the only striker from Dortmund. Both teams, Schalke 04 and Dortmund, played with the same formation. 4-2-3-1 formation was way more usable for Dortmund, and it was visible on the score-board. Erling was alone in the box of the opponent. His fast legs were moving up and down. The defensive line of Schalke was very confused and could not handle the pressure from the youngster. Dortmund was very active from the first minutes. The team could not score an early goal, but they stayed consistent with the chances. Soon, they scored not only one but two goals. Dortmund scored their first goal in the 42nd minute. Jaydon Sancho got the ball and gave a lead to Borussia. Haaland scored the most beautiful goal in his career in just two minutes. The bicycle goal after Jayden’s cross was spectacular.


Two goals in the second half

Although Dortmund scored two goals in the first half, the team stayed active in the second half. Terzic did not make any serious changes in the second half. The footballers who played against Sevilla got right to rest in the second half. Erling Haaland was still on the pitch. Guerrero scored the third goal for Dortmund in the 60th minute. Erling scored his second goal of the match and registered the final result. Dortmund is now 13 points clear of the defending Bundesliga champion of Bundesliga. Terzic admitted that his main goal is to win the Bundesliga this season – which is quite impossible.