Jurgen Klopp is against the cancellation of the season of the Premier League. During a visit to DFB Academy, Liverpool’s German captain Jurgen Klopp said that if Liverpool could not win the title, it would be a big injustice.

Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool coach): “There have been rumors in England that the season has been canceled and no one has won the title. We have played 76% of the season, and you wanted to remove it?

In my opinion, this decision would be unfair. We are convincingly ahead in the draw. This is the season when Liverpool should become champions.

Human health is paramount. But that doesn’t mean other less important news is no longer important at all. You cannot determine everything in advance. In general, my life is mostly about struggling with problems that I did not expect before. ”

Recall that Liverpool is 25 points ahead of Manchester City and is two wins away from winning the championship. The Premier League is expected to resume in the second week of June.


‘I learned one thing in quarantine – Gary Neville knows everything!’ Says Klopp


Klopp laughed at Neville. The German coach seems to listen to Neville frequently:

“I haven’t learned anything new in quarantine except one – Gary Neville has his own opinion on everything! It’s amazing …” Klopp said.

“We humans are not perfect beings; we make mistakes. But this situation has shown us how closely we are all connected.”