Scottish footballer Billy Gilmour says, Barca legend Andres Iniesta is his inspiration. Both are controlling the centre of the pitch.

Modeling Andres Iniesta

The Blues midfielder Billy Gilmour said he is modeling his game according to the legend of Barcelona, ​​Andres Iniesta. Comparisons between them are easy to make, given that both operate in the middle of the pitch. There are no headlines and their roles in the engine room designed to make life easier for others. Ball keeping and creativity is the order of the day when it comes to Iniesta’s ilk players. The World Cup winner is confident in his place in history as one of the best when it comes to such a set of skills. Gilmour hopes that one day he will be able to follow in the glorious footsteps of the great Barca, with an 18-year-old man showing an early promise at Stamford Bridge.

Billy’s idol – Andres Iniesta

He burst onto the scene as the last teenage sensation in British football and is ready to set the bar high when it comes to gaming style. Quizzed by reporters who his idols are, Billy said: “It was always Andres Iniesta.” I just loved the way he performed, how he got the ball passing the ball.” Chelsea believes that they have learned talent cut from the same rag, like Iniesta, Billy admits that he boasts many of the same qualities. The Scottish Under-21 international demonstrates his flair, ability, and tendency to strike on all his older trips.

Two Man of the Match

“I like to sit on the ball, go down a lot and create a play,” he said. “I’ve always been told that I need to work hard, and everything else will fall in place.” Billy took Two Man of the Match during the FA Cup and Premier League in meetings with Liverpool and Everton. He is up to seven competitive trips of the first team for the season and admits that he did not expect the rise to fame to be a meteorite as it was. A talented teenager added, breaking into Frank Lampard’s plans: “No, I never expected this at all.

“I thought I would be in the U23s all season, but I went with the first team in the preseason and did well.” We returned, and I practiced a lot with them, and then the gaffer put me on the line-up for the game Sheffield United. I was buzzing! “Gilmour made his bow to the Premier League on August 31, 2019, against the Blades. The first start has been taken when he faced Grimsby in the Carabao Cup before making his full English debut on a top-flight when he made Lampard’s XI on a home date with Everton.