Erling Haaland is a big talent. Youngster played many matches already although he is very young. The most impressive fact about him is that at this young age, he can score lots of goals. 

Approach of Dortmund management

During the press-conference, Dortmund’s director talked about Haaland. He said that Erling Haaland is a very important prospect for Dortmund. Borussia management believes that Haaland will extend his contract with the club and stay in Germany for many years. Management believes that their futuristic team has to be built around Haaland. Along with the contract, Michael Zorc also noted that salary will be increased. The director noted that results shown by youngsters are just impressive. Keep in mind that this season Haaland played 13 games while scoring 17. Haaland is also very impressive in Champions League matches where he already scored many goals from Red Bull and Dortmund. Fans want him to stay but what tier 1 clubs would say about it? Real Madrid and Barcelona are interested in the youngster.

Interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona

It’s not a big surprise that youngsters are very shy. All his interviews are a bit awkward because Haaland does not like interviews and does not talk a lot. During the latest interview, journalists asked Haaland about interest from big teams. The player smiled and said that it’s a motivation for him. There are many rumors that Zidane wants to build the future of Los Blancos around Mbappe and Haaland. Two finest youngsters in modern football. Both players can sprint, run, and have unlimited skills to go one-on-one against defenders and they score a lot. It’s a well known fact that Kylian is a big fan of Zizou and Los Blancos. What would happen with Haaland? Can Real Madrid buy out his contract during the economic recession? All the teams are in crisis. We should especially note Barca’s debt is around 1 billion Euros. Real Madrid is still not there and financially feels better than other European giants.