After an embarrassing loss against Stuttgart, Dortmund’s management sacked Lucian Favre. The ex-coach was managing Dortmund for a few years but it seems that the managerial board thought that it’s over for Lucian in Dortmund.

Loss against Stuttgart

Lucian Favre’s team lost another match in the Bundesliga. It was not the first game and not a first loss in the league. Unfortunately to the fans of Dortmund, the team could not keep up with Bayern Munich although the Bundesliga has problems in the league. Bayern itself lost many points and also, they lost two points against Union Berlin. Meanwhile, Dortmund is doing the same and that could be the last drop in the team’s board’s patience. Lucian Favre’s team lost the home-match and it was really an unforgettable performance. Stuttgart scored 5 goals and they could score more. It was a big shame for Dortmund and that’s why the reaction of the board was immediate. 

Squad of the team

Experts believe that Lucian’s main fault was not giving enough resources for different strategies. By the opinion of German journalists, Dortmund has the most diverse squad in the league. They have a top-scorer of the league and also one of the most aggressive attacking lines. Along with Marco Reus, American Reyna and English Sancho should be dominating the Bundesliga. German journalists believe that Favre had a better squad than Klopp, so he could win Bundesliga easily if he listened to his players. Dortmund qualified for the next round of Champions League. After the draw, we know that Borussia will play against Sevilla. Spanish is the winner of the Europa League and they want to win the Champions League this season. Both teams are favorites in the Champions League but Dortmund’s fans want to qualify for next round. That’s why the board of the team decided to have a new coach before the clash against Sevilla.