Since 2019, Brazil’s national team has not played any matches. Yesterday, fans were happy to see Brazilian footballers in action again. Tite had an almost-perfect lineup against Bolivia, so they could demolish the opponent.

Tite was ready for this match

Neymar and Everton were fully recovered from macro injuries. Tite decided to start playing with both attacks. Coach decided to start with Firmon as the main striker. Firmino is in good shape as he is playing as a starter under Klopp. He is not a goal-machine like Messi or Cristiano but Firmino can play in the style of Benzema. He is trying his best to score and also help the team in every attacking phase.

Everton started the match on the right side and Neymar on the left side. Brazil’s attacking line was very sharp. Luis and Coutinho were playing from the deep. Meanwhile Casemiro was the main man to recover the ball and help the team in defense. Casemiro also noted that Vinicius Junior wants to play for Brazil and he will fulfil dream very soon. Junior is playing in the position of Neymar. He is the captain of the team, so Tite can’t just bench him. That’s why Vinicius Junior has to be ready for his chance in the upcoming months. Casemiro said that Vinicius will get his chance sooner or later and he is waiting for it patiently.

Scoring five goals in a near-perfect performance

In the 16th minute, Brazil scored the goal against Bolivia. Marquinhos was the first player scoring the goal in the match. Firmino increased the lead in the first half and Brazil won 2-0.

In the second half, Brazil scored three more goals. In a few minutes after the start of the season half, Neymar assisted Firmino. Liverpool’s striker scored the goal. Soon Carrasco scored an own goal and then Coutinho increased the lead to five goals.